Dinner is a Delight.....

...... When you know each morsel of food u eat is not jus healthy but equally Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :-D

That soup u see there is a hearty mutton soup - Some bread to dunk into it. You could of course eat that up with the Bulls-Eye-On-Capsicum or the scrambled eggs (made with the left-over yolk  - the egg white went into the soup).

Definitely Delightful rt :)

Linking this to ABC Wednesday (D is for Delightful Dinner)


  1. It looks mouth watering for sure!

  2. I wish I could join you...I haven't had breakfast yet.

    Very delightful...

  3. It looks simply DELIGHTFUL and DELECTABLE! Kate ABC team

  4. Delicious, why all of you are putting food posts when I am damm hungry ...

  5. It is the "bull's eye on capsicum" that caught my attention and of course I had to look up what "capsicum" was....what we call bell pepper where I'm from. It all looks delicious.