R is for Resourceful!

N this pic is the epitome of it.... Lemme explain

The steel vessel u c in the pic, is the one that we use to draw water out from our matka. Well it so happened that one fine day the long handle went kaput n I was **this** close to discarding it(my policy of collecting zero junk u c). Thats when my frnd(Sabs) father set his eyes on it n then lo-n-behold ....

The old handle was discarded, a hollow bamboo shoot was then inserted into the nook and then fully cello-taped to hold it all in its place! But not happy with its "Cosmetic' value, disappears into his house and comes out with that black button u c at the end(in case u interested to know what it is ~~ Its the end of one of sabs hair clips..lol)

So there my almost-thrown-away vessel gets a new lease of life and is now drawing out glasses n glasses of water everyday :-D

If this aint resourceful then what is!

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  1. good reuse!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. How awesome is that! He hs done it so well :)