A bottle of Ittar! Imge courtesy Google

One thing I abs luv abt monsoons is the smell tht emantes outa earth when its first hit by rain! Now do you know that there is a ittar(perfume in urdu) thats sold in bylanes of Charminar(n even in Delhi am told) that captures this smell.. Its Christened 'Mitti'(which means mud in Hindi). But makes me wonder if peop would want to walk around smelling like a wet earth :-D  ... should ask ma hubbs abt this, he is one of those who always has this ittar bottle in his dressing room!

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  1. Oh ya! There's nothing that those by-lanes don't have :)
    I luv the smell of wet earth, but haven't used any of the ittars. Must check out at the stores atleast :)

  2. Super S post. Carver, ABC-Wed. Team

  3. can one REALLY replicate the smell of a monsoon?!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team