The Lost Symbol - Tick

Yeap the latest "Tick" in my "To-Do" reading list was against "The Lost Symbol"...Actually the tick mark was put a good 2 weeks back...But the lazy bum that I am decided to blog it now! Before I go onto the review on it....lets take a small detour on how I landed up with this book....
The book was a gift from a friend of mine...Actually friend should have been an exaggeration considering its the first time am meeting her up!! But isnt the ways of friendship funny.....u meet a few people for 'n' no. of times but never forge a friendship with them n then there are others whom u meet for the first time n click like u hv known each other since ages!! This friendship is one of those rare ones tht falls under latter category! N yeap as u must have guessed this book was a gift of hers....beautiful gift I say! Makes me realize tht books should fall right on top of Gifting options especially when u know tht the other party is a book lover! Here truth be tod, my hubbs is a bigger book enthusiast than me..n tht was some revelation considering pre-marriage I had these two horns on me thinking tht I must be the biggest book enthusiast around!

N now back to our book....... lemme tel u this! Read the book with no expectations...dont compare it with 'Da Vinci Code' and then you wouldnt be disappointed! I did the mistake of reading the book with big expectations only to realize tht while it doesnt really fall under the league of Da Vinci Code' n such its a good book worth reading! N as with other Dan Brown books a lot of research has gone into this - Noetic Science, Free masons n rituals and makes you wonder is there any hidden secrets right under my foot too :)

N now to the best part of the book......its cover page.......N for those of you(lemme make it all of u) for whom it doesnt make sense lemme explain...As u may know the surname tht we are known with is 'Menon'...but the Peter Pan of my hubbs likes to improvise on it and make it 'Pheno-Menon'.....N the sweet friends that they are, decided to indulge us!! Thank U guys - for the book n the great company!!

So are we really the 'pheno-menons'...lemme leave tht for u to guess!!


  1. Got a catchy title ..! :D
    I was thinking on lines of The Phantom and The Menace .. ;) guess who's who.

    Btw .. "Art of Racing in the Rain" for all dog lovers.."Marley and ME" kind of book..

    Lost it in an airport..:( If any luck ones find one read it first.
    I bought another copy, later traded it for a John Grisham's pot boiler..still regret it.
    wasted twice.!! .. but was worth the conversation with .. another pretty face .. in a coffee shop .. who's name i forgot .. :P

  2. mewre pyaare div.....a title dedication by me to you "A big gulliver N the dumb PYTs"!! N now lets get down to relaity....U tintin stop tail wagging at all these silly pretty faces or ..................

  3. I know or what will happen ..
    you will come down and will spoil all the setting .. Thank you for doing it so many times .. :P .. It always gave me a reason to try one more time .. ;)

  4. I know n I so much miss not being able to do it..... remember all those good old daays in SCC