Happy Pink Chaddi Day!!

Valentine's day is here and along comes feelings of love n ofcourse coochi cooing......Thou the twist is my mind is filled with work work n loadds of it :( The color I n am sure many in the female species associate this day is ofcourse the very feminine pink!

But hey am in a generous mood this time!! Anybody up for a dose of pinks?? How abt starting this noble deed with a noble cause?? Hey Ram Sena here is my Valentines day gift to you!!

Read more abt the Pink chaddi Campaign here!

On a happier note this is our third valentine together!! N I ofcourse have my wishlist (as Sabi calls them) ready and the cajoling ritual of my hubbs too is in process :) Will post details of same post Valentine!!

So here is wishing all you guys out there a gr8 valentines day n dont forget to generously denotae pink chaddis to dearest Ram Sena!!

PS: The pic in the post is no creative outlet of me!!! Its the logo of the Pink chaddi Campaign!


  1. Well ..... I would like to present saree to all those who are going to pubs with short clothes......

  2. come on surya, every person has a right to decide what he or she should wear! Agreed as you had written in blog a degree of discretion is required but you should still leave it to the person's judgement! Nobody has a right to dictate these to us!