Happy Anniversary Sabs-Bins!!

Happy Anniv Sabi - Binoy...Ho yeah the same couple who keep popping in into all my posts! Well this time they arent really popping in as this is dedicated to them on their anniversary!

Grrrr....I hv spent last 30 mins trying to write a post befitting the occasion but being poetic or singing praises is just not my cup of tea...n the hubbs of mine refuses to help!! So here is something straight from my heart.....You guys are special, a gr8 n rocking pair!

Lemme first give u a brief dekko of this couple! Sabs comes from what I call a 'English Literate' family i.e a place where they eat, drink sleep english literature n for whom religion is a matter of personal belief! No church going, no religious afflictions whatever! Now contrast this with Bins who comes from a from a orthodox Malyalee achaayan (read Christan) family (well didn't our hero almost go on to become a priest ...Sabi Thank ur stars tht he decided to opt out!) who were into farming, rubber tapping n such!!! N now their personalities...our heroine steps in straight out of english classics.... a wee bit dreamy, (v v v v) idealistic, impractical, romantic, exuberant, nomadic ....you get the flow hey! N our hero........A seemingly rooted practical, level headed gentleman but as Sabi says n which I can vouch for a big kiddo inside

A great divide hey?? It has never ceased to surprise me as to how these two completely contrasting souls have come in seamlessly together!! A couple who perfectly compliment each other!

Here is wishing you guys many more haapy anniverseries together! You guys really rock!!

Edited to change the pic taken on their anniv. Dont miss the boyish grin on Bin's face(remeber the kiddo in him) !!

PS: The anniv was yesterday. The post comes in a day late...blame my office for it!

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