Ye blog sab(h)i padhe......

Last week was a long one...lots happening at the work place .........the Satyam Fiasco, the job insecurity, anxious calls from near n dear ones, the fast approaching project deadline, last minute confusions on whether to to go outstation, job hunt.....Ho yeah it was indeed a week with too much on the platter! So much so that by Friday evening all I was famished n all I to was grab something quick to eat n hit the sack!!

But surprise surprise.....the dinner menu had some yummy home made kerala fish curry, fish fry n 'morr curry' (roughly translated to curd Curry)...all my favourites!! N hey wait the surprise doesn't end here...after this I was treated to a bottle of 'Canberry' fav flavour!!! N ho now with a full stomach a light hangover(ho yeah even a glass of wine gives me a kick......) all I had to do was hit the bed!! But hey my royal treatment doesn't end so soon..... Am treated to a bed time story of 'Rumpeltilskin' n a 'lori' of 'Stopping by woods on a snowy evening ~~ Robert Frost' (The lori singer seems a big a English literate lover hey!'')!!! Pure heaven I tell you.....

Ha I know many of u would be having your 'J' cells ...after all how many of u at the ripe age of 26 have the luxury of being lulled to sleep after a tiring week!! BTW Wondering who this archangel is??? Ladies and gentleman lemme take the privilege of Introducing to you my best friend, my nanny(:-p), the best cook ever..........please put your hands together for "Sabina Zacharias" ...Yeah yeah the 'better Half' of Sabi-Binoy who once again- as usual pop into my blogs!!)

Sabi dedicating this to you!! Thank u for being what u r...sweet, stupidly generous 'n' unselfish, caring n all the other blah blah blah! Ho yeah one of the best to have happened last must be getting to know you!! Ok now enuf of all the senti stuuf........Sabi go n amke sense of the title courtesy Pravin :) n stop picking up the grammatical mistakes int his post!! I am no EFL student of urs........

PS: This weekend again saw a repeat performance of this show!!!!

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  1. will i get a cookie for showing up now...i'm the dame mentioned in the post..thnaks meenakutty!!
    embarassingly yours,