Women in my Life......

Pic Courtesy Hubs!
I know the pic is cheesy, but ain't this pic so representative of women! Each of us different ~~ physically, emotionally, mentally - but each a beauty, each brings a diff color to our life n together they are the strength that holds together many lives, many families :-).

Here is wishing all women I know(even the tweeny-weeny ones too) ~~ In real life to virtually(yea u!) ~~ a happy women's day! Many a smiles, many a tears, many a gossip thts been shared over the years- months. Each of you have been a inspiration, a strength to me ~~ Thank you for being there!

Today also happens to be the day I enter the tenth year of my career... A career that thou ain't exactly going "great guns" am pretty happy with! Will this day be the beacon of all other good times in my life... Only time will tell!


  1. Thank you Meena and wishing you a very happy one too from a snow filled Gilmarg :D

    1. Now its definetely first time am getting a wish from gulmarg :-D

  2. A very happy women's day to you too, Meena!
    Cheers :)

  3. It sure will be :) Congrats and God bless!