An Yummilicious Birthday :)

The one word that describes this Birthday must be - "Yummilicious"! From having my first taste of a custard cake to trying out Japanese cuisine  - we indeed had a gala time!

The custard fresh fruit  cake, came from a bakery next door, who went out of their way to accommodate a cake that was not even on their menu! Of course the choice of cake was spelled out clearly to 'Chocoholic' Pheno:-D

Dinner that day was a Japanese affair - another first! While I obviously cannot vouch for its authenticity, I absolutely enjoyed the experience @ Teppan. Pheno has reviewed it in details here. My abs fav were the Tuna Salad and Sushi- Indeed I have waited for a long time to taste them and they truly dint disappoint me :)

Japanese Cuisine is synonymous with Sushi for me!
For True Fish Lovers - The Tuna salad must be mana!

Linking this to Linking this to AtoZ challenge - Y  is for Yummilicious :). Another post coming up soon on best part abt birthday - gifts, what else :-D


  1. The cake looks absolutely yummilicious! Nice word you have there :)

  2. I really want to try Japanese....first Pheno with the intensive menu n now you with these pics!
    The cake looks yum...but whatbu don't like chocolate?

  3. Wow ....Scrumptious looking cake.....
    yummilicious ..
    I am also a Japanese food lover...these kind of surprises & treats are the energizers in life

  4. Yummm great looking cake and I did read the post on Teppan :)

  5. Beautiful pic .. mouth watering...